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                                                                     Black Wolf H.O.G. Chapter meeting will be  December 13th @ 10:00 am
                                Black Wolf Harley Davidson
                                                   Come out and join us!!!!
This page was last updated: November 10, 2014

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a message to our members..............
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 O - Open Events: are those chapter events which are open to chapter                    members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired. 
 C - Closed Events: are those chapter events which are open to chapter                  members and one guest per member.
 M - Member Events: are events that are open only to H.O.G. members

   4th - officer business meeting - 6:30 pm - dealership
   8th - Chapter Meeting - 10:00 am - dealership - C
 15th - 2nd Annual Black Wolf H-D Veterans Appreciation and                  Chili Cook Off

    4th - Christmas Parade - Bristol
    9th - officer business meeting - 6:30 pm - dealership
  13th - Chapter Meeting - 10:00 am - dealership - C
            "Santa for Seniors" - visit to Francis Marion Manor

The CHRISTMAS TREE is up at the dealership and envelopes on it so let the donations begin. Tom, Kim and I will be putting out another e-mail here shortly with an estimate of how much money we will be needing for our ANGELS at the Nursing home. This will be a NEW experience for us as a chapter and the dealership and we need help pulling this off. I know some of us are disappointed because we won't be serving some of the children in our community this year but please get your heart wrapped around this we all came into this world relying on someone to take care of us and our needs and if you think about it we all came into the world bald, no teeth and wearing diapers relying on our love ones to take care of us. And MOST of us will go out of this world bald, no teeth, in diapers and relying on others to take care of us. Unfortunately, some out live the ones that can take care of us in our homes like would like or we need more care than our love ones can handle in ours or their homes and some just don't have families that care enough to meet their needs financially or just put people in a home and leave it up to strangers to do the job. So with all of that said.... PLEASE think how much money you would spend on the child you would be taking on the tree and put that money in an envelope for a SENIOR this year and make plans to help put their basket together and go with us to celebrate a day with some that hardly ever receive visits from family and friends.